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Acacia Wood Slice Consoles

The Acacia wood slice console is unarguably one of the most intriguing pieces of modern organic designed furniture that will truly add value and inspire any living space. The exuberance and magnificence of these consoles not only lies in the great creativity deployed in their designs and their distinctive modern organic features, but also in the command that the table’s style influences over any décor design.

Our collection of slice consoles feature luxurious pieces that have been creatively custom-built from reclaimed Acacia wood trunks whereby the bases of the Acacia wood are precisely flattened to provide improved stability. Ideally, it should be noted that the selection of tree trunks that have natural grooves is done intentionally in order to exemplify the style of the Acacia wood slice console by channeling the tempered glasses over the grooves.

Features of Acacia wood slice consoles

Unique natural features

There is no denying the fact that the grooves found in the different consoles will possess traits that are different from each other because they occur naturally. Thus each Acacia wood slice console table will have its own originality and uniqueness. Moreover, the natural features are critical in exerting the uniqueness and beauty of Mother Nature when it comes to using organic accessories in a décor design.

Our professional artisans usually try as much as possible to preserve the natural organic beauty of the Acacia wood and enhance the amazing features thus making the consoles a must-have organic furniture collection.

Wide variety of exclusive choices

Just like different trees have different grooves, the Acacia wood slice consoles also have varying textures, grain patterns, and color variations according to their specific species as well as according to the region where they were harvested. These are the features that define the striking natural beauty of the consoles. Our professional artisans know this and they usually work to amplify this beauty by precise cutting of the Acacia wood along the rich granular layers and then hand-polishing the surfaces to enhance the natural beauty of the Acacia wood.

Therefore, we are able to stock a huge collection of slice consoles that have different traits in their visual appearances. Additionally, to further widen the variety of choices, the Acacia wood used to make the console table may either be triple burnt or be used as it occurred naturally as natural Acacia wood which has distinctively natural color or as light Acacia wood which features bright glowing color textures.

High-quality materials

We always ascertain that the reclaimed Acacia wood materials used for the console tables are authentic and harvested from mature trees. The reason for emphasizing this is to ensure that we are able to provide our clients with durable consoles made from high-quality Acacia wood.

The consoles require little care and maintenance because their beauty is wholly organic hence timeless and can last for decades without the need for further polishing.

Are You Ready to explore the world of modern organic design?

Whatever the tastes and preferences you have for modern organic designed furniture, our extensive collection of Acacia wood slice consoles will offer you the perfect fit to match and amplify your home or office décor. Moreover, you can also choose to have a custom-made Acacia wood slice console built exclusively for you by our professional artisans if you so wish. Let's embrace the beauty of Mother Nature by going organic.

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    david hurowitz