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Striking Acacia Root Coffee Tables

If you are looking for a standout piece of furniture for your living room, something that is functional yet unique and is sure to be a conversation piece, you should take a look at Acacia root coffee tables. The design of each coffee table is inspired by the individual shape and flow of the Acacia root so that each piece is completely different from any other Acacia root coffee table you come across.

Talented woodcrafters do not try and force their designs on the table. Instead, they work around the natural grain, shape and flow of the roots, using their skills only to highlight the best features of the Acacia root.

The Making Of Acacia Root Coffee Tables

Acacia root tables are entirely handcrafted. After the craftsman chooses the root to be worked on, the top is sanded down to create a smooth surface. The sides are very rarely smooth. They are usually left as is. The craggy, knobby sides give the finished piece its distinctive character and flair. When all the shaping and sculpting jobs are done, the top and sides are polished to give the entire piece an elegant sheen.

The finished coffee tables are sometimes fitted with a glass top, though that’s not always necessary. Given Acacia wood’s resiliency it can be used without any protective top. Another optional step is to finish the wood with a stain to give it a darker hue or varnish to give it a glossier look, but most of the time Acacia root tables are left in their natural state.

Sometimes, the surface of the Acacia root is burned selectively to produce a dark, smoky, charcoal-like appearance that is unlike any other. Acacia root coffee tables that are burned this way have an exceptionally rich, distinctive textured wood finish that cannot be achieved through any other technique.

The beauty of a Acacia root table lies in its distinctive nature. Every Acacia root wraps and coils over itself in its own way, meaning every Acacia root table is its own work of art. So whether you’re looking for a conversation starter, seeking to be environmentally friendly, or just looking for a durable coffee table that will continue to dazzle after years of wear and tear, Acacia root tables are just the table for you.

Where To Place Acacia Root Coffee Tables

When it comes to Acacia root coffee tables there is no scarcity of placement ideas. A large sized Acacia root coffee table can be used as a center table in the living room, as a side table near the arm of your sofa or as a corner table in an empty corner of any room.

A large or mid-sized piece adds convenience to the foyer area. It makes a nice place to lay down your shopping while you take off your coat and shoes.

Smaller sized coffee tables add character and warmth to your bedroom when used as bedside tables.

The beauty of Acacia root coffee tables is that you can place them anywhere in your home and you can stack anything on the tables, from a stack of hard-cover coffee books to a bowl of glass stones or a collection of family photographs.

Skillfully handcrafted from the root of the Acacia tree, these coffee tables are versatile in every way. There’s nothing that enhances your interior décor like a piece of furniture that’s truly unique and one-of-kind and Acacia root coffee tables certainly match the requirements in every way.

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    david hurowitz