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Burnt Monkeywood Ball 12"


Burnt Monkeywood Ball 12"


12" Burnt Monkeywood Ball

Decorative Burned Monkeywood Balls Sizes 12" To 36" Round

Everyone loves a cool and sophisticated décor theme because it creates harmony in any living space. However, as much as you may want to ensure that your living space - whether at home or office - looks cool and stands apart from the rest, it helps to pay a detailed attention to the accessories that you use in your décor. Careful choices of accessories ensure that the décor theme looks unique, lovely and elegant. The accessories should create a sophisticated visual effect and be welcoming to you and your guests while effectively amplifying the beauty of your décor accent.

Most artificial décor accessories may look great in a décor setup, but eventually they always have a weakness in their fading beauty which reflects their cheap cosmetic finishes that are replicated in thousands of other homes and offices. A sure way to guarantee that your décor looks unique for ages is by choosing accessories that feature modern organic designs. These are accessories that are made from natural materials such as wood or carved from stone.

We have an impressive collection of decorative burned Monkeywood balls that have been skillfully made from Monkeywood wood. Monkeywood wood is one of the most popular organic materials that is used to make modern designed furniture that create a statement in any décor set up.

To ensure that we create a stunning décor experience that will leave you and your guests appalled by a colorful décor, the Monkeywood wood is burnt prior to making the decorative accessories. Burning/ charring is effective in ensuring that the decorative patterns, color contrasts and layers of the grains patterns of the wood are more enhanced, hence a magnificent looking piece of our decorative burned Monkeywood balls.

Our collection of burned Monkeywood ball accessories has been customized to ensure that our products seamlessly match any décor theme/ living space. Our Monkeywood balls feature amazing characteristics that include:

Cool Features of Our Decorative Monkeywood Balls

  • Resistance to Pests

The density of Monkeywood wood has a huge impact on ensuring that the wood is resistant to any vermin. Unlike other wood products that are susceptible to termites that cause damage and significantly lower the value of wooden products, Monkeywood wood cannot be damaged by termites. Moreover, not only is the wood much dense than its wooden products counterparts, but even once felled it still retains its natural oils and rubber. The natural oils and rubber are responsible for ensuring that the wood is never attacked and destroyed by parasites even after the tree has been felled. Hence it makes an excellent material for making furniture especially those to be used in outdoor setups.

  • Increased Durability

Home furnishing is usually considered a capital expenditure project that requires adequate financing. Therefore, any home décor requires a significant investment on accessories that will last for years. With that in mind, we always ensure that our decorative Monkeywood ball products are made from genuine and high-quality Monkeywood lumber from mature Monkeywood trees. Even though Monkeywood trees take almost 100+ to mature, we source our raw materials from legitimate and reliable sources which ensure that we source high-quality raw materials.

Our decorative Monkeywood balls will serve you for years because of the high-quality material used to make them. Moreover, since Monkeywood wood is wholly organic, you are guaranteed a lifetime beauty that is timeless and never fades.

  • Genuine Aesthetic Appearance Elegant Designs and Finishes

We live in a world where beauty has been falsely hyped by artificial accessories that fade with time. However, if you really need beauty that never fades, then you need to incorporate accessories made from organic materials in your décor. The beauty of organic materials is timeless and never fades.

Monkeywood wood is not only popular because of its classy granular patterns, incredible textures, and amazing color contrasts but because of the fact that it is organic. Our collection of decorative balls had the Monkeywood wood burned first for us to ensure that the layering of all these patterns is enhanced to amplify the accent of the home décor. The balls will definitely create an incredible experience for you and your guests.

Time to Transform your Home/ office Décor

We are here to ensure that you make a statement to your décor theme by providing you with accessories that guarantee you a lasting modern organic design. All our Monkeywood balls are made from authentic Monkeywood wood lumber and hence your décor satisfaction is guaranteed.

Our Monkeywood balls feature modern designs that will complement any décor theme. We have a team of dedicated staff ready to help you make the best choice that suits your specific needs. Get in touch with us today and create a beauty haven in your home or office design.