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16" Natural Monkeywood Ball

Natural Monkeywood ball 16"

This natural decorative monkey wood ball possesses the charm and allure that adds a lovely ambiance to any living space. Just by casting a furtive glance over the ball, one can't help but marvel at the ingenuity and artistic mastery that was deployed in ascertaining that the ball looked cozy and fashionable. The smooth gloss finish on the balls is so natural and aesthetically very attractive. You can't also miss commenting on the incredible patterns of the natural grains of the wood. All this beauty has been enriched through careful hand polishing which makes the ball look absolutely amazing.

This feeling is what may be lacking in your home. Essentially, you don't need to be an interior designer for you to be able to recognize the exuberance that will be transpired by this ball. What is important is for you to think of the best placement ideas that would suit such an awesome décor accessory. But, there is always the question as to why this ball could make a valuable addition to your collection of décor accessories. Let's examine some unique features of this decorative monkey wood ball.

Exciting Qualities of the Natural Monkey Wood Ball Size 16"

  • Impressive Aesthetic Appeal

Like we have just said, it is the beauty of this decorative ball that makes it an awesome accessory for de`corating a living space. Essentially, our artisans usually hand-select the monkey wood which possesses unique color variations and patterns of the grains of the wood. This underlying reasoning behind this move is to ensure that they are able to obtain stunning wood materials which when carved will result into stunning decorative balls.

The beauty seen on the balls is 100% natural. Safety the ball has been carefully carved, it is then highly polished to give it the smooth glossy texture and to enhance the color contrasts of the wood's grains. The resulting sparking decorative ball possesses natural beauty which is timeless and can glow for ages.

  • High-Quality Material

Monkeywood is a hardwood lumber whose density is higher hence giving the balls incredible durability. The high density of the wood is essential in ensuring that the wood can resist harsh outdoor weather conditions, pests, and bacteria that may reduce its lifespan.

It should also be noted that we only use authentic monkey wood lumber to carve the balls. The lumber is sourced from legitimate suppliers who only harvest mature monkey wood trees. This also helps in increasing the durability of the balls.

  • Customized Décor Solution

The ball has been customized in the right size and made from a quality material so that it can perfectly fit in any decor environment. Whether you want to use the ball in decorating your outdoor patio or you are thinking of using it to adorn your house, the balls will perfectly suit either of the options. The size of the balls makes it huge enough to create a compelling focal point in either of the options.

Time to Inspire Your Décor

You definitely won't believe the huge impact this balls can create in your décor. The balls are wholly organic and have been creatively designed to inspire any living space with the beauty of nature. We want to help you transform your décor and inspire it with modern organic design. Get in touch with us and let help you elevate your home into another level.