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Burnt Monkeywood Ball 18"


Burnt Monkeywood Ball 18"


18" Burnt Monkeywood Ball

18” Burnt Monkeywood Ball

At the heart of a beautiful home decor, there is always that excellent accessory that is the centerpiece of the décor theme. in most scenarios, such a centerpiece which creates an intimate admiration for you and your guests will be made from organic materials. Organic materials have their own way of communicating the beauty in them effortlessly. However, it is pertinent that the décor accessory should also be styled using modern designs that are fashionable.

There are some other homes decors that despite the efforts to make them homes look adorable, the accessories used may fail to convey the elegance that the homeowner wants to pass across. At one time or the other, you may have found yourself falling under this class. There is no need to panic though. Because there is a quick fix for this décor imperfection.

You may look around seeking solutions that may help you out, but one proven organic décor accessory that has a magical influence is the 40cm (18 inches) burned monkey wood ball. Just like its name suggests, the decorative ball is triple charred under fire to give it a charcoal finish. The charcoal finish on this burnet monkey wood ball is graceful, adorable and elegant. By charring the ball three times, the ball is able to obtain a relatively good depth of the charcoal finish, a fete that standard wood finishes and paints never achieves. Once perfectly polished, the resulting ball is a perfect décor accessory that you can truly live to cherish.

Features of the Decorative Monkey Wood Ball

  • Impressive Durability

The decorative balls are highly durable because they are made from authentic monkey wood lumber which is a hardwood species. The raw lumber used for making the balls is sourced from mature trees that are legally harvested hence ascertaining their authenticity and quality. In addition to the hardwood quality of monkey wood, the balls are triple charred. The process of burning the wood in fire is a sure way of ensuring that the wood resists vermin and bacteria that may cause decay to the balls. Therefore, the balls are highly durable.

  • Custom Made Décor Accessories

The raw material used for the ball is hand selected. The process is meant to quality only raw lumber that possesses certain qualities and characteristics that can guarantee high-quality decorative ball. Additionally, in the process of doing so, the lumber that has some distinct natural characters that inspire the beauty of nature are given preference which helps I customizing the balls.

  • Compelling Aesthetic Appeal

It is worth noting that the monkey wood ball spots a marvelous glossy charcoal finish. The charring process is meant to give the ball a deep layer of the charcoal finish by triple charring the ball. This is an effect which cannot be achieved by synthetic paints and glossy finishes that are applied on wood.

The ball is then highly polished to enhance its texture and visual appearance making it look fashionable and appealing. Since it was triple charred, the charcoal finish can last for ages all through glowing its beautiful appearance.

Searching For a Perfect Décor Accessory

If you are looking for a perfect décor accessory to adorn your home, then this decorative burned monkey wood ball is a perfect décor accessory that will transform the look and feel of your home or office. We are here to help you with your shopping, so get in touch and you will be amazed by our lovely shopping experience.