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Palm Pot burnt Black 24" x 24" x 32"


Palm Pot burnt Black 24" x 24" x 32"


24" x 24" x 32" Palm Pot burnt Black

Ideas For Decorating With Burned Wood Palm Pots

Houseplants can be made more attractive by placing them in attractive containers. Burned wood palm pots are attractive, and they are long lasting items with unique details and designs. If you want your houseplants to compliment your décor, and become center pieces in your home then burned wood palm pots are perfect for you.

Use on the Deck

Burned wood palm pots are the perfect vessels for holding plant life on your deck or patio. You can buy the tall pots and place them in the corners of the deck to soften the corners, and add an elegant touch to your outdoor living area.

Use in the Bathroom

You can place an ivy, or another plant that requires low light to thrive, in a burned wood palm pot and stand it in the corner of your bathroom. The greenery will add to the look of the room, and the plant will help to clean the air and provide your family with fresh air to breathe.

In the Bedroom

A lavender plant is supposed to help you fall asleep faster, and rest more peacefully while you are asleep. Placing one of these aromatic plants in a burned wood palm pot will allow you to keep it in your room and keep the beauty of the room intact. These pots can be used in a feminine or masculine décor.

In the Living Room

The burned wood palm pots are so attractive you can use them as a decoration, or you can use them to hold your indoor plants that you keep in your living room. These pots are easy to care for. All you need to do is wipe them down periodically with a damp cloth to remove dust.

The pots can be allowed to stand alone on the floor, or you can place them on plant stands, or on tabletops.

In the Foyer

The burned wood palm pots come in varying heights. You can place one in your foyer and instead of placing a plant in the pot you can use it as an umbrella holder. The rich wood tones and intricate carving details of the pots will be inviting when your guests arrive.

You can place one pot outside of your entrance door and plant tall plants like hibiscus plants in them. You can even use artificial plants in the pots to give the look you desire and reduce the amount of care that will go into maintaining that look.

In the Office

The burned wood palm pots can be placed on tables in your office to create a unique conversation piece. You can buy three pots of varying sizes and arrange them strategically on a corner table.

You can place a plant in one or more of the pots, or you can let their beauty stand on its own merit.

Do not be afraid to get three pots that have different looks. You can get the pots with different designs carved into them, or get them in slightly different color combinations to create the special look you are after.