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Acacia Wood Block Bench with Metal Legs


Acacia Wood Block Bench with Metal Legs



Block Bench with Metal Legs

Dimensions: 7'11" Long 

Bench seat width of 12"

Stands about 18 " from floor 

Acacia Wood Block Benches

Wooden Block Benches are an integral part of our outdoor living spaces. Whether you want to relax in your outdoor garden and enjoy the beautiful weekend morning or the evening sunsets, you definitely need a high-quality Block Bench.

Since most wooden Block Benches are used outdoors, it is important to ensure that they are made from high-quality wood. The deal comes with using Acacia wood, which revered for its incredible strength when used for furniture.

Our Acacia wood Block Benches are made from Acacia wood. Acacia wood is preferred as the best wood for making furniture for a reason- it is the world's strongest wood. Moreover, when carefully cut and hand-polished, the wood reveals an amazing contrast in its texture and the colors of the granular patterns. Burning/ charring the wood with fire improves the visual beauty and turns the wood into an amazing focal point of attraction.

We have a collection of exciting Block Benches that can be used to for any outdoor living spaces. In making the Block Benches, we employ modern design and styles that are sure to transform any outdoor space into a sanctuary of beauty and sophistication. Below we examine some great features of our Acacia wood Block Benches

Exciting features of the Modern Organic Block Benches

  • High-quality Material

Most outdoor living spaces are faced with many challenges not limited to environmental changes, attacks by parasites etc.

Our Block Benches are made from Acacia wood. Acacia wood is strong and durable. Block Benches made from Acacia can be used for years without getting damage. The strength of the wood enables the Block Benches to resist scratches which help to preserve its beauty.

  • Resistance to Pests and Parasites

Pests such as termites are known for their destructive nature. Termites are common pests in almost any part of the world. They usually burrow into the inner part of wooden products while leaving the outer part intact and looking normal. Their destruction may go for long unnoticed and may only be realized when it has become so severe that the wooden products may not be salvaged.

However, the Acacia wood used to make our Block Benches is resistance to termites and other pests. Its strength, coupled with its natural oils helps the wood to resist any pests

  • Resistance to Decay

Wood can decompose when exposed to bacteria, fungi and other parasites. Acacia wood, however, is resistance to rot because it contains rubber and natural oils that are moderated throughout the life of the wood even after the Acacia tree is felled. Other trees usually lose their natural oils and rubber once felled making them susceptible to attacks by parasites which cause decomposition.

Thus, even though parasites are common in outdoor living spaces, the Acacia wood used to make the Block Benches will resist all microorganisms that cause decaying and help the Block Benches to be functional for years.

  • Great Dimensional Stability

Environmental changes can easily affect the stability of wooden products either making them shrink or contract and to lose their shape. Acacia wood Block Benches made from Acacia wood have an advantage over this because mature and genuine Acacia wood is never affected by any environmental changes. The Block Bench has a strong dimensional stability and will look the same even after exposure to varying environmental conditions over many years.


We offer a wide range of custom-made Acacia wood Block Benches that will clearly provide the best value for your money. Whether you will use the Block Bench in your garden or yard, be sure that you will reap many benefits from the Block Bench for years. Browse our huge collection of Acacia wood Block Benches and begin your plan to adorn your living space with exclusive and high-quality products.