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Ivory and Rust Petrified Stool 18" x 16"


Ivory and Rust Petrified Stool 18" x 16"


Round Petrified Stool 1033 18" x 16"

Ivory and Rust petrified Wood Stool 18"X16"

This round petrified wood stool looks awesome and stunning because of its beautiful ivory and rust color variations. The stool has been cut from a beautiful petrified wood trunk which features different patterns of cool and graceful colors. The ivory and rust color contrasts of the stool create an awesome visual appeal which when used in a décor design could transpire the beauty of mother nature.

Additionally, the selection of this particular petrified wood to make the stool was inspired by the beautiful patterns of the grain and its incredible textures which when coupled with the color variations of the stool amplify the eclectic admiration of nature's sparkling magnificence. The stool has been highly hand-polished to enhance the beauty. However, to preserve the natural condition of the parent tree, the special characters that were inherent in the tree, we left just as original as they were.

Incredible Qualities of the Stool

  • Highly Durable

The stool is made from petrified wood which was sourced from mature petrified trees. This helps to ascertain that we are able to offer high-quality petrified wood furniture items that are valuable and will definitely last long. Additionally, the quality of the stool is so impressive that it cannot be affected by outdoor weather conditions, pest and other bacteria that may lower its value.

However, with a prolonged usage outdoors, the stool may require being polished after some time to regain its beautiful appearances. With that said, it is also worth noting that the stool requires minimal care and maintenance for it to preserve its natural beauty.

  • Authentic Materials

It is our policy to source petrified wood from legitimate sources that harvest the wood legally. This is not only beneficial to the environment, but we also seek to supply our clients with authentic petrified wood products. It should be noted that some petrified wood takes 10s and sometimes 100s of years of mature and thus there are higher chances of unauthentic products finding their way to the market. With our products, we can guarantee you their authenticity. This applies not only to this stool but to other petrified wood furniture that we sell.

  • Impressive Visual Appearances

Petrified wood is revered for its sparkling visual appearances. This petrified wood stool ranks in this quality because of its magnificent ivory and rust color contrasts which is naturally appealing. It also features some awesome patterns of the grains and an amazing texture which complements the beauty of its appearances. Therefore, you can be certain that the stool will certainly add value to your collection of décor accessories

Time to Inspire Your Décor

A person who knows the value of an item knows how to treasure the item. The value of this stool is simply superb. This is one piece of a décor accessory that can really inspire your living space. Take action today and get in touch with us so that we could help you own this furniture item.