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Ivory and Rust Petrified Side Table 18" x 14"


Ivory and Rust Petrified Side Table 18" x 14"


Petrified Side Table 18" x 14"

Petrified Wood Side Tables

The ability to choose and purchase impressive furniture items helps in determining the overall effect of a décor design. Apparently, it is important to use high-quality furniture which has compelling color contrasts, awesome texture, and stunning wood patterns.

Magnificent furniture helps to amplify the aesthetic quality of the décor design hence making your home or office fashionable and luxurious. Yet, you must seek to adorn you décor with furniture whose design is timeless yet modern. Modern organic design addresses this query by availing nature's resources that we are supposed to transform to stunning décor accessories.

Our petrified wood side tables are excellent organic accessories that you need to consider as part of the furniture items that should theme your décor theme. Ideally, the side tables are made from mature petrified wood which helps to guarantee their superb quality. In addition, after harvesting and cutting the petrified wood, our professional artisans deploy their excellent creative process of designing the side tables to custom sizes and styles. The side tables are then highly polished a process which helps to enhance the beautiful color contrasts, textures, and the patterns of the grains found in the wood.

Qualities of our Petrified Wood Side Tables

  • Fashionable Modern Organic Designs

Our side tables feature exceptional modern organic designs. Modern organic design is a life-changing trend that every homeowner should seek to embrace. Typically, organic design is inspired by the jungle. It tries to reflect the beauty of Mother Nature in our lives. By inspiring your décor with modern organic design, you generate a captivating décor theme that is graceful and marvelous to you and your guests.

It also should be known that modern organic design has a fashion taste than never fades. This is because the taste is timeless and by it being original helps to ensure that the color contrasts, textures, and patterns of the side tables last for ages while all along being fashionable and luxurious.

  • Outstanding Quality

We source petrified wood raw materials from legitimate vendors who deliver raw materials from authentic petrified trees. A fact that should be noted is that petrified wood can take very many years to mature ranging from tens of years to thousands. This makes the wood rare and expensive, but also opens other chances of low-quality materials finding their way to the market because of the attractive returns.

Our side tables are 100% authentic and built from petrified wood that is handpicked by our experienced professionals. This helps to guarantee our clients that they will purchase nothing short of the best. Moreover, the wood is dense and has a compelling strength to last for ages in any environment.

  • Distinctive Aesthetic Appeal

The overall goal of a décor theme is the ability to effortlessly convey an in-depth aesthetic appeal that comes out naturally. This is an aspect in which synthetic accessories terribly fail to deliver because artificial accessories can never conceal the efforts that went into creating them. On the other hand, organic accessories conveniently transpire their beauty and aesthetic appeal because it comes out naturally.

This is a core feature in our petrified side tables. The tables have been impressively designed to ensure that they will generate a striking focal point in any décor theme. They are available in different styles and shapes and thus they are suitable for different décor spaces.


Whether you are looking for a quality side table to be used in outdoor décor sceneries or you need a furniture item that will truly inspire your indoor décor style, our collection of petrified wood side tables provides the most realistic solutions. We are ready to help you customize your décor by ensuring that we delivered high-quality side tables that are wholly organic and feature modern designs.